Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Remember To Be Thankful

Well I have been instructed by various members of my immediate and near family that it is time to blog again. Things lately here in Venezuela have been so tense and controversial that it wasn't a good idea for me to put my thoughts in writing since I was praying for forgiveness on quite a few of them.

It is after Thanksgiving, I know, but with the many setbacks that we have had in the last year it was hard for me to truly be thankful. When I saw that I had missed the news story of a Typhoon that had killed hundreds in the Philippines, I realized that I needed to 'flip the record' (does that date me or what!!!) from the 'Woe is Me' side to the 'Glory Be' side.

I thank God for her. She followed me to South America and put up with everything from living on the 8th floor, 8 months pregnant with no elevator to roasted worms in the jungle. She turned my caves into homes full of love and raised children that would make a King proud. She is my Queen and I married UP!

My First Daughter, Jackie
She grew from a little blond to a light brunette (I told her it was a dirty dishwater blond, after all teasing is what father's of teenage daughters are paid to do) whose inner beauty shines brightest as she imitates her mother and is a mother herself. She is doing great as a wife from what we hear from that boy she married too. I have always been proud to call her my daughter.

My Son, Joshua
He is now in his second year of Bible college in Tampa. His heart seeks after God, as he learns in class and practices his faith on the bus route and preaching. He is slightly loony and hilariously funny. Both are attributes that will serve him well for his life, marriage and ministry. I have always been proud to call him my Son.

My Second Daughter, Jewel
She is truly becoming a refined jewel who will adorn the life and ministry of the man she marries. She is in appearance, my wife reincarnate , but in personality, sadly to say, she follows me. Jooje töshi'e töwö, She has a heart that is loyal and constant. She will always be there solid and true. Can't isn't in her vocabulary. I have always been proud to call her my daughter.

My Third Daughter, Jayde
She is the mockingbird of the family (want to hear Patsy Cline sing??) and the Leonardo DaVinci of the Vernoy Clan. God has given her wonderful talents that I pray will always be used for God's glory. How often have we all wished she would be quiet or just put down the MagnaDoodle. But as the Bible says. If we don't cry out the glory of God, the rocks will. The rocks will be silent as long as Jayde has a breath in her lungs. I have always been proud to call her my Daughter.

My second Son, Brian
The young man that loves my Daughter. He was raised by wonderful parents and friends. I knew he would marry my daughter even before Jackie did. It was never in question, even when Jackie dumped him. I still knew that Brian would one day be a part of my family. I am proud to call him my Son-in-law. even prouder to call him a son.

My first granddaughter, Little Elena Grace
What a joy, what a reason to live and enjoy life. She will be the first of many diadems in my wife's crown.

My second grandchild, ????????????
I have heard some experimental names, We'll just have to wait and see. But I am already thankful, pressed down and running over!

God has been Good to Me. I Thank Him for the greatest gifts he has given any man.

My Family.

Remember To Be Thankful!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! So sweet and heart stirring. You have a gift Clint! I wish I could write like that. Thanks for finally checking in!! hey - have you been to my blog lately???hmmmhmmm! I'll only know if you leave me a COMMENT!

Anonymous said...

We do have alot to be thankful for!! I know I get distracted by the problems and difficulties. I often tell myself, when I feel the hurt of being "booted" out of our home in the jungle, that at least WE are all ok. Atleast WE are all alive . Praise the Lord!! He is in control!I love you and I will follow you anywhere because I trust you!!I know you love the Lord and only want to serve Him. You loove us and only want to protect us. I am proud to be your wife.

Anonymous said...

I've always been proud of calling you my dad. My friends always loved you. You were the "cool" dad!! Elena loves having you as her grandpa too! So does baby number 2!!

Anonymous said...

This post brought tears to my eyes! How beautiful to be able to express your love and pride in your family. Your children and your wife are very lucky to have you!

Pat said...

What a gift you have for expressing in writing your love for your family. I can tell you are sooo proud of them all! (and with good reason). How thankful one must be to a Holy God for blessings abounding!

Thanks to your family for your love and sacrifice and going in our place to a land we know not, and all we can give is prayer and support!! You are able to lea many to our Saviour who otherwise would be lost in the jungles of repression!

Anonymous said...

well Mr. Vernoy! It is now early Wed. morning. I am making my rounds and was so thrilled to have new stuff to read - until I got to your blog!!! Waiting!!!