Thursday, January 17, 2008

Come Uppins!!!!

My mom used to tell me while I was growing up such nuggets of wisdom. I learned as a young man that what ever goes around , comes around. I honestly never expected to experience the truth of this wisdom in such a fun way.

If you were to talk to our children and nephews and nieces, they would tell you that they lived a few years in Venezuela all together and they really enjoyed that time of our lives. Then they will tell you that they lived in fear of walking down the hallway alone. They "claim" that they learned to think strategically at a very early age. They would always walk in groups of at least two, preferably three.

The reason for this way of life was that they shared the house with a gang of terrorists, three to be exact, they were the terrible trio and could attack at any time, as a band or alone. You must understand that the terrorists were much larger than the children. One terrorist was capable of holding captive two children while torturing another with the dreaded taiwanese tickle fingers!!!!

The attacker(s) would strike and it was the responsibility of any child who remained free to run for assistance from the rest of the Rugrats Regiment. The terrorist were cowards (or so claimed the rugrats) as soon as assistance would arrive the attack would end with some admonition to watch out for the furniture or some such excuse!!!!!

The day came when the terrorist disbanded due to excess pressure from the growing Rugrats. it was deemed too dangerous to continue operations and they dissapeared into history thinking they would be forgiven and forgotten.

As you can see in the video.....they were not forgiven nor were their actions forgotten. Revenge is sweet and also alot of FUN!!! also note then end of the video when one of the terrorist who thought he was safe since he was filming and even betrayed his 'compinche' and joined in the attack got his come uppins too!!!!!

Who are the terrorist you ask? the leader of the infamous band was Big Daddy Vernoy, His accomplice was known by the alias Little Ed the last member of the band was the kindest of all, Clint (known for his ability to tickle with the force and not lay a finger on the poor children) thus he was known as Kind Clint the gentle. Any other accusations against him are purely sladerous!!!!

Come Uppins!!! Judgment Day