Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Son is Home

Josh is here. It is great to have the family all together. Our oldest daughter is not with us and we are totally cool with that because she is with her family, a husband that she loves and a daughter that loves her. We would love to have them here, But we are content to know they are a family.

Josh is already beating up and tickling Jewel and she is complaining just enough. Jayde is right in there and it is noisy again. I can't believe that the girls can cause so much noise!!!!

Merry Christmas to ALL!

I got an awesome present for Rita for Christmas!!!!!!! the best part is that it is a total surprise!!!!! I didn't get any hints for this one and I know that she will love it!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So happy my nephew made it there ok. I can't wait to hear what this present for Rita is!

Memories for a Lifetime said...

Glad your family is together.

My son is home and the noise level has gone up tremendously! Could it be the girls getting teased?????

Glad you are blogging again!

Memories for a Lifetime said...
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Beth said...

I'm dying of curiosity--what was the present???? and don't tell me a hammock...