Friday, October 31, 2008

Who is getting Elected?

I am gonna shock alot of people here just by posting. But I am stuck in the city of Asuncion waiting for my daughter rather than drive home to drive back to pick her up.

The Election will be close in popular votes just like it always is, The electoral vote, depending how it comes out could look like a landslide or we could have a replay of the last election.

Obama really wants to win at any cost....literally! His Hugo Chevezesque "cadena" costing millions proved that.

The media doesn´t care who wins as long as it isn´t John McCain.

I already voted for the Multi-gender ticket of my choice and sent it in.

When we wake up the morning after the election the "who" will be known. I know that my beloved JM will want to stay up to the end..... but the polls in California wont be closing until after midnight here in Asuncion. And that means meaningful number won´t be out for another two to three hours!

He will be a man, with or without caracter, with or without an agenda of change. He will be a man. For whom we ,as Christians are commanded to pray. Whoever he is he will need prayer. He will need wisdom.

He will not be Henry Higgins! The world will keep spinning whoever is voted in.

Some things will change. Other things will not change.
The World will still need a Savior. The world will still reject that Savior, and we as Christians must continue to obey our Father and preach the gospel.

We must remember that even tho` America doesn´t love or want God..... God still loves and wants us. God´s love is not to a certain political system or to a nation. God´s love is directed to individuals who are in need of redemption.

So let´s not get too filled with ourselves about the vote and what is going to happen. 99% of the world´s population (for Kepler) since the global flood of Noah have not had the priviledge of voting. It is a duty that we should cherish and fulfill. But relax..... God haters and rejecters CANNOT vote God off of His Throne. That will never be on the ballot even tho´the Dem´s would love that!

God sets up kingdoms and brings them down..... We need to reflect upon which of those God is doing and Why?