Friday, December 29, 2006

Troubled Waters and Forks in the River

We now continue with the adventures of Clint and Rita Vernoy

I had decided to leave Springfield, Missery … oops Missouri and start bible college again in New Hampshire. I spent my summer vacation split between spending time with my Uncle Sam in Camp Pendleton and my Mom and Dad on vacation at New Life Island.

When I got back to Ohio I found that Rita had gone on a vacation with her family to parts unknown and I couldn’t talk to her. I was able to obtain a phone number from a person who will always be a hero in my heart. (Thanks Janine!!!!) I was able to talk to her, but due to our schedules we were not going to be able to see each other for another month. The next time I saw Rita, her family was preparing to leave for Arcadia, Florida. I also found out that while on vacation a guy in Florida had asked her to marry him. (Claim jumpers ought to be hung!!!!)

I arrived in New Hampshire to begin classes and was introduced to a young lady who had been praying for a preacher boy to marry and then told me that I was God’s answer!!!! Shock to me that was!!!!!

The point is this, the river had branched and we were now over 1500 miles apart instead of 30 miles apart. We could both have continued on our new river watching to see where it would take us. We could have disappeared from each others lives and never have known any reason to care. That would have been the easy choice, the logical choice. She was 16, she had to follow her father. I was in school and working. How could I ever see her again. Why not just accept fate. She was out of my life and I might as well forget her.

Simple Reason….. I DIDN’T WANT TO FORGET HER. I chose to keep in touch with her. I chose to reach past the many miles and win her heart, (only to find out in the end that she had baited the trap so well I didn’t realize who was actually being stalked!!!) Remember the cartoon movie “Oliver” by Disney?…. I love the chijuaja “If dis es torture man….chain mi to de wall!!!!!!”

I fought the current and returned to find her again. I didn’t was to lose her and I still don’t.

Simple Principle: Sometimes the river you need to travel is up river and you need to go against the current to get to it. It is your life, and as long as you do not violate scripture, God has given you a free will to exercise and use as you serve HIM. We will all answer to God for our choices and actions. We can listen to the advise of others but ultimately the choice is ours before God. And we will stand alone on Judgment day with only Christ by our side. Make all of your life choices based on that fact and not on what anybody else might say or think.


Memories for a Lifetime said...

Sounds like you invested in some great oars to keep you paddling upstream....or was that an engine (Almighty God!!)....

What a love story---when do we get the next segment????


Anonymous said...

I am confuesd! Where are you? why are there 2? HUH?!

Pam Rios said...

hey - so glad to have found this one agian! thanks fo rthe link! Keep the story flowing! and I am happy you are in our family! (I think!)

Jungle Mom said...

Ah! How sweet!! I love you too babe!!