Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Crossroads and Creeks Part 3

Enough of the mushy stuff that nobody wants to hear anyway.

The next big crossroad for me was What Bible college do I go to? The church I was attending at the time in Ohio had one that they always recommended and it had an excellent record for training men for the ministry. My brother was attending there and our pastor had attended there. The pastor of the church in NH where I was called to preach had trained there. Seemed the logical thing to do. Didn't violate any scripture, had the blessing of my family and all of that. I went for a year. I didn't like it. For quite a few reasons. Nothing against the school, but, I just came to realize it wasn't for me. I decided to go to a different school. A lot of people thought I was crazy. But I figured, I was paying my bill with God's help, I was preparing for God's ministry and I sort of figured that I ought to like it.

If I want to sound spiritual I should say God led me to another school, problem is I had told people that God had led me to the first one. so to say that God was leading me to another school is to say the God didn't know what he was doing in the first place. and if he didn't know what he was doing the first time, why would I follow Him to the second school?

I know I am looking at this in a very simple way but a lot of times I think we make it too difficult. and actually try to blame God for decisions where really it is that we want to do. Sort of like the guy that will divorce his wife and say that He was at peace with the decision because he prayed about it!!!!! The idea that a choice violates or doesn't violate a command of God is a bit more important that whether you Feel God Led you.

My choice of school ultimately had nothing to do with better training as a missionary, Every missionary here in Venezuela practically went to a different Bible College. and they are all good men.

Ultimately, We are called to serve God. He will show you how and where. Don't kill yourself on the details. If you serve Him, don't violate the commands of scripture, Why don't you go where you what to, unless God shows you in some way specific not to?

Just a thought. Sort of like the Bride who follows her Groom, holding his hand, walking together and she wants to go into a store and look around, Would the Groom deny his love?
Then why do we think that God would deny us the desire to serve in a certain place?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the desire to serve in a certain place. Like MAINE vs. Latin America. Whew...I'm glad God gave me my hearts desire on that one!!!

Anonymous said...

The main thing, is to serve! And I do think people make it to mystical and complicated to know the will of the Lord. If you are "willing" I can guarentee that God will give the "delight".

Memories for a Lifetime said...

God sometimes puts us in a place for a season, but allows discontent to move us on to bigger things. I have heard that He only deisres a willing vessel to start His plan !! You were soo right, not to follow suit because everyone els is and does...!

Anonymous said...

Amen Clint! This made me search my heart about some things.

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog - you are so much fun - but so very wise !!! Praise God that you are willing to trust and follow the LORD. hm