Friday, October 27, 2006

So Much for the Dissapearing Rainforest

This was my last view of our village. If you want to see a picture of our house, go to my first Blog and look for the house that is right next to the green tree. Brazil is south of the ridge that is behind the ridge of mountains that you see at the top of the picture. There it is, the dissapearing rain forest!

Grab a Tree and hug it!

Here are the final pictures that I took of our village as we flew north to the nearest town of Ciudad Bolivar. (If they ever show up) If any of you are one of those tree huggers that is worried about the dissapearing rain forest, you can now relax. I found it!!!! It is still there. We will be flying for two hours north and it will still be there. We could fly to southern Brazil and it is still there.

Not God Forsaken but God's Beloved

I wanted to share a few pictures of the place we called home. It is a small indian village in the jungle of Venezuela. We lived and worked there for 10 years. Many would think that we were crazy to have gone there and even crazier to have been happier there than anywhere else in the world. We had to leave our home when President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela decided that all missionaries had to leave the jungle region of the country. What many people don't understand and probably never will is that we did not just leave a house, but our home and people who had become like our family. I took this picture of the village as we flew away for the last time. God has not forgotten them nor will he ever. He is with them and he always will be.