Monday, September 08, 2008

Palin Paranoia

Paranoia is an unfounded fear in something. I see the left totally freaking out in a way that can only be called paranoia about a mother of Five, christian evangelical, who has been heard to pray.

Why do they freak out....
She has five kids! She won't have time to fulfill the work of VP.. Bogus Statement.
One child is an adult in the military and another is going to get married and is a mother not a murderer of her unborn child. One of the marks of adulthood and maturity is the act of taking responsibility for your actions and choices . So now we only count three children. We have seen on national television that even Piper is ready and willing to do what ever it takes to make sure that even the hair on the babies head is in place, so I think we can count on Sarah having all, if not more, than the help she needs.

She has no experience... Bogus Statement
I don't need to repeat all the ways she far surpasses Obama and Biden because it has been covered in the blogs and news.

Lets get down to why they freak out and say she is wrong for the job. She believes in God.
Most of the nation says they believe in God and even the Democrats will invoke His name in many phrases such as "Pray for our troop" and "God Bless America", So why does her religion freak the left out. She BELIEVES there is a God, Therefore she also believes in right and wrong. That there is an authority higher than Congress and the polls that determines what we should do. That we are accountable to Him for our actions.
In the book of Genesis (the liberals already freak out on this statement because it is a direct attack on their religion of evolution) Eve was deceived into thinking she could be like a god. ONLY God has the right to decide what is right and wrong. Murder of the innocent is wrong, and it doesn't matter what the Supreme Court says because God is the only true Supreme. It is legal in America, but it is still wrong! Homosexuality is wrong and you don't even need the Bible to tell you that, just look at nature. It is legal for people to act that way, but that doesn't make it right.
The Left freaks out because they want to be gods.... just like Genesis says. They want to decide what is good, loving, and compassionate based upon what they think, feel or read in the polls or from their supporters.
Racism used to be legal, loved and popular but it was never right.
To make something legal cannot make something that is inherently wrong a good thing.
Why the Paranoia?.....they feel their self-deity is threatened when someone says there is a Higher God. They reject the existence of a True God with true authority and they must defend their 'rightness', their 'godness;.
That is why they attack, they must defend their god because 'he' cannot defend himself. They are their own god. Christians don't need to attack, we only state what God has said and decreed in His word as to right and wrong. He can defend Himself. Our duty is to love our neighbor as ourselves and that includes all enemies who attack us as well as friends who pray for us.