Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chocolate Bloopers !!!

During our rehearsals and many takes to arrive at the finished product we, just like those amatuers in Hollywood, had a few bloopers....

Listen for Josh's words as he falls the second time and you will understand the dangers of doing your own stunts!!!!!! Jewel really got into caracter!!!!

Jewel thinks she could be a Marine

Jewel likes being here in Beaufort since it is so close to Parris Island. Maybe all the training that goes on out there get in to the air and is effecting her. When it comes to Chocolate she can be sort of Violent!!!!! Especially when it is the last pie!!!

The cast of Characters in order of appearence....
Jewel Vernoy as the Potanator
Jared Vernoy as the Stinking thieving cousin
Jared Vernoy as the other Stinking Thieving Cousin
Jason Vernoy as the MP3 bagel maker
Joshua Vernoy as the Brother who should pick sides better

Photographer --- Ed Vernoy
Writer and Director --- Clint Vernoy

There will be bloopers and a Sequel!!!

Presenting the Director's Cut

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jewel - You can see the devious nature in her eyes
Elena - the only reason she isn't into something is that Jewel has her held down
Abbie - She is still not sure what she is gonna do but she will be right behind the other two.

Jayde - giving Elena her first lessons in hacking!!!!!

Girls are one of God's greatest creations. Man of course was made in His image!!!!

I know what the girls are going to say now..... Man is the rough draft and Woman is the final product. yada yada. Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jungle Mom's Husband

Yes it has happened! One of my wife's readers came up to me and said, "Hey, aren't your Jungle Mom's husband?"

Do I mind.... Not at all.
To be her husband is one of the greatest honors in my life.
When people ask me for news on Venezuela, I "redirect" them to Junglemom's blog.
I hear about everything she finds and read her posts first!!!
She is a great kisser!!!!!!

Wouldn't trade being her husband for all the steaks in Paraguay or all the grubworms in Venezuela!

Yup, Jungle mom is my girl!