Friday, December 15, 2006

Crossroads and Creeks Part 2

The first crossroad
She stopped me in my tracks. She was 14 the first time I saw her. She was 17 when I asked her to marry me. I had no idea what I had found. Sort of like Jed Clampet and his Texas Tea! How could I have ever guessed what she would mean to me over the years. What got my attention?
She was a Redhead!
Well I did tell my mom 3 years before I met Rita that I had decided that I would marry a redhead. My mom said, "Don't tell me, tell God!" Was that God's leading or was it the desire of my heart?
She was a lady!
Her mom and Dad had raised her to be a wife, mother and Christian lady. Her courtesy and respect showed every time she spoke. Me Tarzan you Miss Tactful! Her words are like Honey (unless you hurt her husband or her children then she can cause a Huracane!)
She was Strong in Spirit and Adventurous in following the will of God
She had already surrendered to serve God, though she did tell me straight out that she would not marry a preacher. Not rebellion but she had experienced some things in a church split. So I guess I was her first crossroad too. She changed her mind! Was it my good looks or ????? ?God?
She was Fearless, sorta!
She followed me to South America when she was barely 20 years old.
She followed me to the jungle even tho she was ______ and wiser.
She says she is scared to death of little planes that fly over the jungle, but she did it anyway. That is courage and proof of her love. (you should have seen her the day the engine turned off at 8000 feet!!!!!)
Because I loved her! and always will
God's will or the desire of my heart? Thank God it was Both!!!! But like the Bible says, if you Delight in Him HE will give you the desires of your heart!

These choices that I made about Rita being my wife affected everything. Following God we will have many choices and if we delight in Him, our hearts desire will be to follow Him and serve Him. Does God want us happy? or must we always suffer to be in His will. I am sure glad that Rita loved me first and decided to let me catch her! God worked it out 'cause he wants us to have an abundant life.


Anonymous said...

My how time flies when your having fun! I love you, too.

Anonymous said...

You make me wanna cry! That's one of the sweetest things I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

Clint, you are putting us to shame here! You are an awesome blogger. I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to more. Am I going to show up in any of your Crossroads?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful woman. I bet she has pretty daughters!! HEE HEE!! I love these posts, keep em coming! Thanks for helping me pick out my hubby too by the way!

Anonymous said...

By the way, Kim is probably the only non-family member that was THERE when it all happened!!

Amber said...

What a beautiful picture! ^__^

Hahaha. Yes, Mom was there but look what happened! She met Dad because of it. And the rest is history. =] I still think it is crazy how God worked all of that out and that we still are (stuck? haha) in contact with you all today! How cool is that?

Haven't completely read the posts, but they look really interesting. I'll come back and read (and comment again) when I have more time! Love ya!

Memories for a Lifetime said...


She is a beautiful woman, and love stories make us oooh and ahhhh!!
(She loves hearing it over and over again, too I bet!)

Keep the biography going!