Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Big Picture of what is to come in Venezuela

We found this editorial at the site www.eluniversal.com just click on the Daily News in English and you can find it there. Excellent piece on the stupidity of Socialism of the 21st century. Known to most people as communism and dictatorship.

Michael Rowan
Special for El Universal

Communism for the 21st century, like last century's version, is a mask for dictatorship. Russian Communism did not transfer the ownership of production and power to the people, as Marx desired, but to the dictator Stalin. The Chinese version did the same for Mao, the Cuban version did the same for Castro, and the Venezuelan version is doing the same for Chavez.

Marx would be pleased, however, that workers own the means of production in the USA, where most of the shares of Fortune 500 corporations are owned by worker's pension funds. Ironically, what Marx most desired was achieved by free enterprise, free labor and a free market.

The Communists have a hard time understanding that they have no economic case to make to anyone. While the free market increased GDP per capita in poor countries by 5.4 times since 1820, no Communist country has made a comparable improvement inside its borders. The exception is China, which lifted 200 million people from poverty since 1980, but Chavez should appreciate the irony of how China did that - through capitalism, trade and globalization. China's workers owe their economic improvements to the ideas of Adam Smith, not Karl Marx.

Chavez cares about power and nothing else. He now legislates without the assembly, judges without the courts, counts votes without the CNE, and counts money without the Central Bank. He wants to rule without objection in education, health, economy, media, military, and even religious affairs. Well Stalin did, too. But that didn't make him right or holy.

Chavismo is not a religion, and Jesus Christ was not a socialist. We don't need Chavez to tell us that Jesus would be at his side if he was in Venezuela today. For when we kneel in prayer, in lamentations from the Testament, beseeching God to stanch the evil and devastation that has fallen upon the people of Venezuela, we see that it is Jesus, and not Chavez, on the cross, and it is Christianity, not Communism, that He was preaching. Amen.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Things Anthros say.....ad infinitum

Sanemä indian children in the village of Chajuraña

In my last post I spoke of the way the His Highness Hugo (HHH) ignored what the Warao indian said and changed it to his own view.

So much of an indian's life is survival. The government doesn't care, although they do produce a lot of Blah blah in the favor of Indians. To date, not a single indigenous tribe has figured out a way to convert the blah-blah into something tangible. Therefore they are forced to rely so much on themselves.

They live together because they have to. They are also a family. Those that live together are the immediate family, once you have married and have one or two kids it is expected that you will have built you own house, out of mud and stick at least. It will only last a few winters (what they call rainy season) but it is yours. Some of the young people are trying to build homes that will last, where instead of rebuilding a home every 5 years, they can actually make improvements to them like, doors with door knobs! Hinges instead of pieces of old rubber tires.... a roof that doesn't leak, wow that is an innovation.

In the village 99% of the people are related through blood or marriage, but the village is still divided into clans. Each grandfather has his clan of children, in-laws, and grand and great grand children. These, as a family, will take care of each other. The other clans are expected to do the same. They do not bring in a kill and distribute it indiscriminately. If five men go on the hunt, all of them will share in on the kill and make sure that their loved ones are cared for. The drunk that didn't go hunting, but partied for the last three days in a moonshine stupor will get some scraps, maybe, if there are any left. His wife will do her best to feed th drunk since she doesn't want to be beaten. DUH!!!! The hunters will feed their wives and children first. Since they are almost always hungry, there are no scraps. I have seen where they suck the bones so dry the pile looks like an archaeological find in the Sahara. Usually, during a multi-day party the mothers would come by our house with their children asking us for food, all you have to do is look into the eyes of the children, see their hunger, and know that God will always pay you back.
and He knows how to pay dividends.
Strange how HHH wants to take all Venezuelans to this.... a ye'kwana man once asked me....do the Anthros really think that we like watching our children suffer from hunger everyday.

Nope, Anthros are not popular people!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Listening to Himself

A week ago on "ALO PRESIDENTE", a weekly television show where the president receives calls and listens to the needs of his people, it lasts 3 to 5 hours, usually of him talking to himself, His Highness Hugo asked a Warao indian what was the biggest need they had in their community. The spokesman for the community stated clearly into the microphone "We need more housing" there are 145+ families living in the village with only 40 houses. He then spoke of the conditions in which they lived, many families together,(not because they choose to but because they have to!) Hammocks strung in the house like a barracks where you couldn't even walk. Having to share everything.
Chavez said thanks and proceeded to tell the nation that the indians were the perfect example of XXI Century Socialism. Now I know what he means when he talks about XXI Century Socialism. The word commonly used is POVERTY!!! Chavez talked about how they share everything in the village, and live in happiness just helping each other..... (Totally bogus)
Let me repeat what the spokesman asked for..... MORE PRIVATE PROPERTY....MORE HOUSES so they don't have to live like gerbils!!!!
Don't you just love a president who listens....?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Things Anthropologists Say

Leave the indigenous people the way they are, they are happy!!!!
I will deal with this first on a technological basis.

definition -- Anthro(s) is the derogative term used by the Ye´kwana to describe Anthropologists whom the indians consider to be lacking in intellect. It can also be used to describe a lazy person who produces nothing of visible worth in their society.

This is the Anthros biased opinion and not based on the desires of the tribal people. They might not want to be run over with outsiders, but that doesn´t mean they don´t want to progress. I say biased opinion because without the tribal people the Anthro would have to get a real job instead of just watching and studying people for a few weeks in their village. It also bothers the Ye´kwana that this outsider comes to their village and tells them how they should live (not progress) and then return to their nice apartment in Caracas with metal screen to prevent the malaria, running water to bathe in, filtered water that is pure to drink, a car to drive around in, air conditioned environment in which to work, TV to watch when they are bored. The Ye´kwana want to know who died and left the Anthros in charge of their destiny.

You are an indian, suppose, ...what would you prefer.
An outboard motor to travel to the city in 5 days or stick with the paddles and do it in a month?

Walk through the jungle barefoot or buy some rubber boots to protect your feet from snakes, niguas (burrowing tick that digs in between you dermis and epidermis and lays its egg sack. Then it grows!!!) thorns and army ants. No brainer there!

Build the same house out of perishable materials that fall apart in three years and you have to build it again, or use many of the same materials link it with modern technology and build a house that you kids can inherit. BOY let me THINK!!!

Cut the airstrip where the government plane lands to get your sick. (OOPS! forgot there aren´t any, only the mission planes go to most of the villages!!!! Not enough votes in most villages for the govt to care!!)(OOPS!! forgot again that there are no mission planes since Chavez decreed that they cannot operate in Venezuela) with a machete or a briggs and stratton lawn mower....¡¡¡¡Machetes RULE!!! yeah Right!!!!

From a Religious viewpoint....

2Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
Twins used to be killed because they were considered Satanic. That is the old way

Girls were gang raped by drunks as an initiation into adulthood. That is the old way. One female anthropologist, recently arrived from Cuba said to me, "It´s their culture, we shouldn´t teach them a different way" I asked if she would have liked to have participated in the initiation as a 13 year old. She said, "No it would be wrong for me, I am civilized!" Is it just me or does that sound arrogant and self serving. The Bible teaches that the Jew and Gentile (all non-Jews) are equal.

Now the government says they need to return to the old ways. Actually he said we all should. I want to see Chavez start wearing the garb of Simón Bolivar and ride a white horse. When he travels to all of his summits, he needs to travel in a Caravel or a Clipper ship. And forget !ALO PRESIDENTE! NO Television!!!! or radio

Get real and get logical. The Anthros have it all wrong.

This is the first graduating class of the village school taught by missionary Florinda Eddings. circa 1970. One man is now the village teacher, one is the village nurse, one is the village mechanic and outboard motor driver, and the other is a leader of the village.

This is last years graduating class in front of one of the four school buildings that the indians themselves built because they WANTED A BETTER LIFE FOR THEIR CHILDREN.....Just like YOU and I.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Indian Culture and Comunism

I don't have time to write about all that was said by His Highness Hugo (Chavez of Venezuela) during a recent speech. His purpose was to explain to people the beauty of the indigenous cultures and communism. He wanted to use the indian cultures as PROOF that communism works. All he did was show that he has never lived among them, does not know how they think or operate in their villages. If I was a DI on Paris Island and he was my recruit. I would say drop and give 2 million push-ups for your stupidity. At least it would shut him up.
I do not have time to talk about the Ye'kwana society right now, but in a few days I will. Anthropologists have been pushing this pink view of tribal life for years, making them out to be simple people who don't desire the things of the modern world, who give generously and share all they have.....the key to understanding the tribal culture is to always remember that they are first and foremost a family.
To Be Continued...

It is time for me to show my wife how much I love her. I gotta make the coffee! But I'll be BACK!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Irrefutable Proof that Fidel Castro has Passed on!!!!!

I felt it was necesary to get the news out. It appears that Fidel has passed on! Or else.....Why would Chavez have felt the need to find a new dance partner?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Who is afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf

The slide continues into an abyss that has been chosen by a nation. We all have free will and Venezuela has made their choice.
My Mom used to say, "You made your bed, now you sleep in it!" Personal responsibility was the principle being taught.

I remember 8 years ago when many of my fellow Christians and a lot of Disenchanted Venezuelans voted for a man who tried to overthrow the government violently, killing many in the process.

We told many people who supported him....A man who would use rifles to get power will most likely use them when he has power. We also said that he was a communist. No one seemed to listen. I know of three families who fervently supported Chavez, some still do, but they are now living in the Evil Empire. Ironic isn't it!

Today Chavez was asked what exactly Socialism of the 21st century is and his answer was, "Read Marx, Lenin and the Bible."
First he believed in the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government,
After he was pardoned he became a believer in democracy.
When he won his first election, he started talking about Participative democracy or populism.
After he got the constitution re-written he started talking about moving to the socialism of the 21st century. I told everyone that is communism, he never explained what he meant by that.
Until today, He is now a self proclaimed believer in the precepts of Marx.... I always heard people like that were called COMMUNISTS.

He threw missionaries out of the jungle without cause, Why did he want the jungle empty???
He called Iran a fellow revolutionary republic and Mahmoud is his "Hermano"
Now he announced that he will take away the broadcasting license of the oldest TV channel in Venezuela. "My what a big mouth you have grandmother"
He announced his plans to nationalize the telephone system, "My what big ears you have grandmother"
He announced he wants to take over the power companies. "My what big eyes you have grandmother"
He also wants to retake control of the private oil companies in the Orinoco Oil belt. "My what a big stomach you have grandmother"
He wants to start a National Police Force. "My what big teeth you have Grandmother"

I could go on, but it seems pretty clear to me that if he walks like a wolf and talks like a wolf and smells like a wolf.....He is probably a Nice Guy???? Get Real! and open your eyes!

Remember the wolf's last words..... "The better to eat you with my dear!"

Friday, January 05, 2007

Talk About Irony

Yesterdays newspaper had two major headlines. On one side,"Venezuelan Govt Denounces Execution of Sadaam Husein." the reason being that they don't approve of the 'unjust occupation of Iraq by a foreign govt. (I wonder who they are talking about?) There was also a line about the occupying power being put before justice someday.... (No comment!)
The other main headline was about 25 prisoners in the prison here in Barquisimeto, "the most modern in Venezuela!!!!!" being massacred in a riot over the weekend. Some of the bodies were mutilated, gutted and others decapitated.
I love the way Chavez acts like they are a morally superior country and yet they allowed the illegal execution of so many, lets not even get into the numbers of murders each weekend by gangs and thieves on the streets. *the average is around 50 a week throughout the country. mostly innocent people.
That is the man for the Security Council for me.... Sorta like Iran being on the committee for Human rights violations..... of course that would never happen would it? Irony... the world is Full of it!
Venezuelan govt says they want to help the poor.. then throws missionaries out of the jungle who ARE helping the indians. Go Figure..... They told the indians they should not look to foreigners for assistance anymore..... We are going to send you CUBANS!!!! what?
Well I could go on and on but I have other things to do.

Monday, January 01, 2007

I am being assimilated

This might just be my last message as Clint Vernoy!!!! I am losing control of who I am and keeping myself separate from my screen name of yekwanaman. Even my attempt at reestablishing my identity with another Blog has been Futile. Please know , all that enter the Blogosphere..... beware....the assimilation is silent but total. you don't even know it is happening. I can't even remember who I am writing as, Yekwanaman, Clint Vernoy, Jungle mom or. or. or. or. I have fought all that I could, I am no more. I have become .....The Blog..... run Matt while you still can!!!! Use the Force.... Do not give in to the Dark Side. I am already more CD Rom than man... Now I know what Geordie LaForge felt like as he looked at the World...... Blogging seems like such a great Enterprise but it is truly just a Nexus of non-reality!!!!!! Yekwanaman OUT!