Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Love This Socialism Stuff!

Another beautiful morning in Venezuela. If you didn't read the news you would think that nothing has changed.

I read in the paper today that due to controls and red tape, the car manufacturers will have problems operating their factories. They are unable to obtain parts. The government won't give them money at the controlled rate of Bs 2150 to the $. If they try to buy $ on the parallel market at Bs 3800 to the $ they are either not allowed to charge more for their products even tho it costs them more or better yet they can be put in jail for operating with the Black Market. Consequences of all of this is that workers who live from paycheck to paycheck will be laid off since there are no parts and the owners have no desire to lose their factories, money or go to Jail.

The Government is now forced into importing more at the controlled exchange rate thus putting more of the 'Pueblo' out on the street without a job. Overseas, however, the government looks good since they help factories in Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and more to sell more goods and keep their people working.

A well known Government slogan is that "Venezuela now belongs to everybody" In Spanish it means 'all Venezuelans' not just those in power. But the joke is that Venezuela now belongs to Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Harlem (think Citgo Gas), etc... The saddest thing is that the crash that is coming, will be real, it will effect all of the people and the poor worst of all. All will be equal....equally poor.

Chavez says that anyone who tries to protect his family from this coming disaster is a criminal, Buying and storing extra goods while they can be bought (meaning found or affordable), selling your products at a fair price at which you make money and provide for your family, or not selling your products if it means you must sell at a loss.

The only way Chavez will be happy is if all depend on him, bow to him, and serve him in his quest for World Wide glory.

What a Beautiful Morning. God Will Always control that. We must always remember that.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chairs for Couples anyone?

I don't know what I am going to Blog about really but I do know that it is my responsibility to Blog and so I do.

My Wife and I just finished a three day conference in our church here on the subject of marriage. It was a privilege to do it and we were glad when the pastor asked us to teach the course.

We aren't experts, but after counseling quite a few couples over the last year, it seemed it would be a good plan. We expected at most 30 couples and ended up with over 85, on the final night there were over 200 people. Some newly married and others, after 20+ years, that were barely married by a thread. The couples all enjoyed the teaching and learned what their personal responsibilities were to their spouses. If I were to break it all down into one phrase it would be this..... It doesn't matter if you feel like it....just do what is right anyway.

I will teach the same material in another few weeks to over 400 men from various churches throughout Venezuela. That's right... the same stuff..... Again!.... Why you ask?.... From very personal experience I have learned that men don't just get it......they get it ...EVENTUALLY!. It takes a lot of teaching to reverse the bad habits that have been formed in marriages over a lifetime. We have to break down barriers that 'machismo' has formed. We have to make them believe that when they obey the Word....their wife will usually follow them. Eventually! (tho not always) But then that is no excuse to stop doing what is right.

We hope to see families changed. It is not a question as to whether the teaching works or not, but, as to whether they work it out in their lives by doing what they have been taught.

The men were taught to love their wives by remembering the acronym C.O.U.P.L.E.S.
Closeness, Openness, Understanding, Peacemaking, Loyalty, and Esteem.
The women were taught to respect their husbands by remembering the acronym C.H.A.I.R.S.
Conquest, Hierarchy, Authority, Insight, Relationship, and Sexuality.
This all comes from a book titled Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

Get the book. It is worth it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Can This Really be Happening?

A famous Nazi once said that if you tell a lie often enough as truth....the people will come to believe it is the truth.

An entire generation of Venezuelans now believe that a failed coup 15 years ago was the beginning of something great. They don't remember that over 100 died that day. Many of them, soldiers fighting for Chavez to overthrow the government, while being told they were defending the government against a coup. But if you tell a lie often enough as a truth.....the people will come to believe the lie is the truth.
The same type of pictures were used by the Nazis in Germany, the Communists in Russia and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Back then they were lies, but I have heard it so much lately that maybe it is the truth.......That's what the Democrats think.
I'm not going to translate the poster, unless requested. But I think you will all get the feel of the thing, right?

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I've been here too! Hope you slept well! LOL

Notice you now have labels on your right margin!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Jungle Bunny

Can you guess which one is the non-indian. I´ll give you a clue....she glows in the dark!!!! Jayde is sitting between Coco and Aichä. Grandfather and grandmother. They were a part of Jayde´s life from the day she started walking. We remember the day that Ramon, Coco, accepted Christ as his savior. All of his family had accepted Christ and were faithful members of the church. I baptized him in the river. He was a faithful attendee of the church every time the doors opened. We drank coffee every morning and spoke of God, the Bible , hunting and the old ways. I asked if he wanted to go back to the old ways, and he most emphatically said , "NO. I will now go to heaven. Why would I go back?"

Was it worth it? Yes. I wouldn't change the past ten years of my life for all the oil in Venezuela.

Jayde loved it there. One day Rita told her that there was a snack in the fridge. Later, when Rita went to the fridge the cookies were still there. Rita asked Jayde why she didn´t eat and Jayde said she did. She had eaten all of the smoked worms that Rita had bought to take to the city to show some friends. Oh well..... we just had to buy some more and hide them from Jayde!!!
Life in the jungle. Go figure.....
And let me tell you about the time we.......

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Party is Over --- The Posting (Not the computer fight)

I have been thinking about life. There are so many different views on how we should live, politics, right wing or left wing that in many ways you can compare life to a party. All kinds of conversations and discussions going on at the same time. Nobody agreeing with everybody, and not really caring either 'cause its a party. When the party is really going tho' no one ever thinks about the party ending. Life ending. When the party is going strong and you see someone leave for what ever reason, you think, "awe, to bad for them, they are going to miss out on the rest of the fun." What is really sad is most of the people aren't ready for the party to end. They had no choice in the matter. It could be a Marine in Iraq, or a 12 year old caught in the crossfire in Caracas Venezuela, an old man with pneumonia or a young lady driving to her first job.

A lot of people say "Once the party is over, it's over." They don't know who started the party, or who keeps it going, or whether there is anything that comes after the party. They just act intelligent and knowledgeable and say, "There is no scientific proof that there is life after the party, so I will not worry about it. I will just enjoy the party as long as I can"

God started the party(life), He invited us and we, as the human race, took over, sort of like those wild teenage parties you see in the movies when the parents go out of town.

The day will come when the party will end for you as an individual or when God decides to end it for good. The question we all need to answer is...... Are we ready to hear those famous words....OK folks, the party is over. If you know Jesus Christ as your Saviour and the payer of your sin debt what comes next is wonderful. the party moves on to a new location, heaven. Forever. If you don't know Christ, you are on your own, everyman for himself so to speak, because you can't help anybody else at that point. The bible says that those who know not Christ will suffer for their sins for eternity. THE PARTY IS OVER. Don't you think you ought to prepare for that. and if you are ready, don't you think you should tell others? and if you are not sure....Don't you think it is something you should look into?
God Bless

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cooming soon: The Party is Over, Now What?

Due to time constraints and the fact that I am unable to pry MY computer from my WIFE'S hands , this next post will be published with a slight delay "OK OK I am not touching the computer now!!!!" It's yours..... Love you Rita you are so sweet, yes I know I am still typing but it is my computer after all......Don't start crying Im going to give it back.....STOP pulling on it.....NO GIVE IT BACK>>>I wasn't done yet,,,,,I stillle wantedindito ahdjfsay jfdjls afja STOPP jfha;moving the n ajfjdjf laptop.

NO we don't need counseling this is just another joke!!!!!!!

Have a LOLiful day

the title isn't a joke. There will be a post with the above title