Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Big Picture of what is to come in Venezuela

We found this editorial at the site www.eluniversal.com just click on the Daily News in English and you can find it there. Excellent piece on the stupidity of Socialism of the 21st century. Known to most people as communism and dictatorship.

Michael Rowan
Special for El Universal

Communism for the 21st century, like last century's version, is a mask for dictatorship. Russian Communism did not transfer the ownership of production and power to the people, as Marx desired, but to the dictator Stalin. The Chinese version did the same for Mao, the Cuban version did the same for Castro, and the Venezuelan version is doing the same for Chavez.

Marx would be pleased, however, that workers own the means of production in the USA, where most of the shares of Fortune 500 corporations are owned by worker's pension funds. Ironically, what Marx most desired was achieved by free enterprise, free labor and a free market.

The Communists have a hard time understanding that they have no economic case to make to anyone. While the free market increased GDP per capita in poor countries by 5.4 times since 1820, no Communist country has made a comparable improvement inside its borders. The exception is China, which lifted 200 million people from poverty since 1980, but Chavez should appreciate the irony of how China did that - through capitalism, trade and globalization. China's workers owe their economic improvements to the ideas of Adam Smith, not Karl Marx.

Chavez cares about power and nothing else. He now legislates without the assembly, judges without the courts, counts votes without the CNE, and counts money without the Central Bank. He wants to rule without objection in education, health, economy, media, military, and even religious affairs. Well Stalin did, too. But that didn't make him right or holy.

Chavismo is not a religion, and Jesus Christ was not a socialist. We don't need Chavez to tell us that Jesus would be at his side if he was in Venezuela today. For when we kneel in prayer, in lamentations from the Testament, beseeching God to stanch the evil and devastation that has fallen upon the people of Venezuela, we see that it is Jesus, and not Chavez, on the cross, and it is Christianity, not Communism, that He was preaching. Amen.


Rancher said...

It is so infuriating. I would blame a lack of education, economic as well as historic, as the reason so many have fallen for his lies but that doesn’t explain the LLL love for the guy. Well I guess they aren’t called the Loony Liberal Left for nothing.

Pat said...

Wonder how pleased the peoples are with their choice!?!?!?

the bigger they are, the harder they fall......

What is the old cliche about winning friends and influencing people??

Pam Rios said...

Amen to this article. The guy did a great job here. Thanks for sharing it.

Joe Gringo said...

Great post.

I am very interested in hearing how things are in Venezuela, any thoughts on what the future may bring in Venezuela and do you really think Chavez captured over 62% of the popular vote?

Joe Gringo said...

pardon me, I now understand yekmana.

Joe Gringo said...



CaraqueƱa said...

Awesome article, especially the part about Jesus Christ! Although God IS allowing this madness (for reasons of His own, "His thoughts are definitely higher than mine"), I do not believe Jesus Christ was the first socialist (puleese!) nor do I believe HHH has the approval of God upon his "enterprise"!

Jungle Mom said...

The last paragraph about Jesus may not make sense to those outside of venezuela..Chavez refers to Christas a socialist, The rifst socialist. He throws in enough "bible" to confuse the ignorant.