Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Things Anthropologists Say

Leave the indigenous people the way they are, they are happy!!!!
I will deal with this first on a technological basis.

definition -- Anthro(s) is the derogative term used by the Ye´kwana to describe Anthropologists whom the indians consider to be lacking in intellect. It can also be used to describe a lazy person who produces nothing of visible worth in their society.

This is the Anthros biased opinion and not based on the desires of the tribal people. They might not want to be run over with outsiders, but that doesn´t mean they don´t want to progress. I say biased opinion because without the tribal people the Anthro would have to get a real job instead of just watching and studying people for a few weeks in their village. It also bothers the Ye´kwana that this outsider comes to their village and tells them how they should live (not progress) and then return to their nice apartment in Caracas with metal screen to prevent the malaria, running water to bathe in, filtered water that is pure to drink, a car to drive around in, air conditioned environment in which to work, TV to watch when they are bored. The Ye´kwana want to know who died and left the Anthros in charge of their destiny.

You are an indian, suppose, ...what would you prefer.
An outboard motor to travel to the city in 5 days or stick with the paddles and do it in a month?

Walk through the jungle barefoot or buy some rubber boots to protect your feet from snakes, niguas (burrowing tick that digs in between you dermis and epidermis and lays its egg sack. Then it grows!!!) thorns and army ants. No brainer there!

Build the same house out of perishable materials that fall apart in three years and you have to build it again, or use many of the same materials link it with modern technology and build a house that you kids can inherit. BOY let me THINK!!!

Cut the airstrip where the government plane lands to get your sick. (OOPS! forgot there aren´t any, only the mission planes go to most of the villages!!!! Not enough votes in most villages for the govt to care!!)(OOPS!! forgot again that there are no mission planes since Chavez decreed that they cannot operate in Venezuela) with a machete or a briggs and stratton lawn mower....¡¡¡¡Machetes RULE!!! yeah Right!!!!

From a Religious viewpoint....

2Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
Twins used to be killed because they were considered Satanic. That is the old way

Girls were gang raped by drunks as an initiation into adulthood. That is the old way. One female anthropologist, recently arrived from Cuba said to me, "It´s their culture, we shouldn´t teach them a different way" I asked if she would have liked to have participated in the initiation as a 13 year old. She said, "No it would be wrong for me, I am civilized!" Is it just me or does that sound arrogant and self serving. The Bible teaches that the Jew and Gentile (all non-Jews) are equal.

Now the government says they need to return to the old ways. Actually he said we all should. I want to see Chavez start wearing the garb of Simón Bolivar and ride a white horse. When he travels to all of his summits, he needs to travel in a Caravel or a Clipper ship. And forget !ALO PRESIDENTE! NO Television!!!! or radio

Get real and get logical. The Anthros have it all wrong.

This is the first graduating class of the village school taught by missionary Florinda Eddings. circa 1970. One man is now the village teacher, one is the village nurse, one is the village mechanic and outboard motor driver, and the other is a leader of the village.

This is last years graduating class in front of one of the four school buildings that the indians themselves built because they WANTED A BETTER LIFE FOR THEIR CHILDREN.....Just like YOU and I.


Jungle Mom said...

I know it is so easy for people to say, the culture is so beautiful! But they dont stay long enough to see the high rate of suicide among the Ye'kwana youth. I know what it is like to hear the rifle shot and then have to be the one to clean up the body of a suicide victim. Because he felt no hope or saw no better future for himself. You built the casket with his dad, I sat and held his mom as she cried. The same anthropoligist took pictures and left!

Pam Rios said...

Well said Clint and Rita! What a beautiful post. It is my favorite of yours so far. My heart swtrings were tugged as I saw Mrs. Edding's photo. I remember how excited you all were as you visited them in Florida and recieved the many photos of their work in the jungle.Can you share more of them? Who arranged for the graduates to have the caps and gowns? That made me cry. It was very touching.

Yekwana Man said...

The school administrator, Antonio Lopez, brought them in. They were provided by the same government that says they should still run around in loincloths.

Pat said...

CIVILIZED??? Me thinks that the "educated man "--anthro is the uncivilized one---they think they can write books and dictate life, but NEVER experience it nor ask the peoples just what they need and desire....and we know the hope
that changes them and makes the difference is Christ.

Rancher said...

Those that think anyone should live in ignorance of all the wonders that mankind has discovered in order to preserve their culture should be required to join the tribe and experience that wonderful culture until they wake up.