Friday, January 05, 2007

Talk About Irony

Yesterdays newspaper had two major headlines. On one side,"Venezuelan Govt Denounces Execution of Sadaam Husein." the reason being that they don't approve of the 'unjust occupation of Iraq by a foreign govt. (I wonder who they are talking about?) There was also a line about the occupying power being put before justice someday.... (No comment!)
The other main headline was about 25 prisoners in the prison here in Barquisimeto, "the most modern in Venezuela!!!!!" being massacred in a riot over the weekend. Some of the bodies were mutilated, gutted and others decapitated.
I love the way Chavez acts like they are a morally superior country and yet they allowed the illegal execution of so many, lets not even get into the numbers of murders each weekend by gangs and thieves on the streets. *the average is around 50 a week throughout the country. mostly innocent people.
That is the man for the Security Council for me.... Sorta like Iran being on the committee for Human rights violations..... of course that would never happen would it? Irony... the world is Full of it!
Venezuelan govt says they want to help the poor.. then throws missionaries out of the jungle who ARE helping the indians. Go Figure..... They told the indians they should not look to foreigners for assistance anymore..... We are going to send you CUBANS!!!! what?
Well I could go on and on but I have other things to do.


Ashley said...

Unjust? Yeah, and Sadaam was Mother Teresa.
That many people die a week?!(though I'm sure there are more, obviously) That's so frightening!

CUBANS!!! Haha.(my friend is Cuban)

Shane Rios said...

i agree abuot the cubans

Pam Rios said...

hehehe, I'm not sure what Shane meant in his comment, but it sure was cute!

Pat said...

Foreign governments never cease to amaze me in their "thinking" (lack of)...

WE pray for your safety - we know how concerning it is for man of such "high standards" to be in control!!

Jungle Mom said...

yeah Shane! Especially the cubans

Bufort-Ed said...

What comes to mind is a man in the past who had hoodwinked a nation and became a war monger and murderer. Yours (Yekwana Man)is a good analysis of both men.