Monday, January 08, 2007

Who is afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf

The slide continues into an abyss that has been chosen by a nation. We all have free will and Venezuela has made their choice.
My Mom used to say, "You made your bed, now you sleep in it!" Personal responsibility was the principle being taught.

I remember 8 years ago when many of my fellow Christians and a lot of Disenchanted Venezuelans voted for a man who tried to overthrow the government violently, killing many in the process.

We told many people who supported him....A man who would use rifles to get power will most likely use them when he has power. We also said that he was a communist. No one seemed to listen. I know of three families who fervently supported Chavez, some still do, but they are now living in the Evil Empire. Ironic isn't it!

Today Chavez was asked what exactly Socialism of the 21st century is and his answer was, "Read Marx, Lenin and the Bible."
First he believed in the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government,
After he was pardoned he became a believer in democracy.
When he won his first election, he started talking about Participative democracy or populism.
After he got the constitution re-written he started talking about moving to the socialism of the 21st century. I told everyone that is communism, he never explained what he meant by that.
Until today, He is now a self proclaimed believer in the precepts of Marx.... I always heard people like that were called COMMUNISTS.

He threw missionaries out of the jungle without cause, Why did he want the jungle empty???
He called Iran a fellow revolutionary republic and Mahmoud is his "Hermano"
Now he announced that he will take away the broadcasting license of the oldest TV channel in Venezuela. "My what a big mouth you have grandmother"
He announced his plans to nationalize the telephone system, "My what big ears you have grandmother"
He announced he wants to take over the power companies. "My what big eyes you have grandmother"
He also wants to retake control of the private oil companies in the Orinoco Oil belt. "My what a big stomach you have grandmother"
He wants to start a National Police Force. "My what big teeth you have Grandmother"

I could go on, but it seems pretty clear to me that if he walks like a wolf and talks like a wolf and smells like a wolf.....He is probably a Nice Guy???? Get Real! and open your eyes!

Remember the wolf's last words..... "The better to eat you with my dear!"


Jungle Mom said...


Pam Rios said...

Great post and gutsy too! But aren't you afraid you'll have to do some"splainin'"!???

Ashley said...

Vous parlez la verite!

Unfortunately, I see the whole world going for communism soon; as long as they are blind they WILL.

(I like your allusion to the "Three Little Pigs" by the way)

Amber said...

It's a terrible thing when a man like that is in power, but it is an even worse thing when people put him there!

CaraqueƱa said...

I think that for your article, it's appropriate that the background of your blog is BLACK. And what is chitare? and what did you give Rita for Christmas? Not a little black box?!

Shane Rios said...

So the four little pigs and the big bad wolf- because josh daniel isn't down there any more, you all make four pigs.

Pat said...

The irony of it all---I totally agree with you....
It has hit the American papers here, too!! The Tribune had the partial story tat the Miami Herald posted. Certainly human rights organizations worldwide will ber heard round the world!!

And now, what will the pork-bellied oil moguls think??
We are praying for your family and your every day needs as well as safety!

Rancher said...

I think that should be "You wet your bed, now you sleep in it!" Until the feudal mindset of Latin American power brokers is replaced by something more liberal then this slide back to socialism will unfortunately continue. As for Venezuela, Chavez has consolidated enough power that although I don't see him being reelected, which he can't do legally anyway IIRC; he will be around for quite some time.

Jackie said...

I agree with Rancher about wetting the bed. Once I saw the election results (which were'nt suprising) all "compassion" I had flew out the window. They wanted him, well, they got him. I do still feel sorry for those who did vote against them!

Amber said...

Mr. Clint! I am need of your wisdom! Please stop by my blog for the KJV is being questioned there! I am currently seaking all I can on the subject, but my resources are limited until I can get ahold of Pastor Naill. Any wisdom/knowledge you possess would be most helpful. This is so exciting! I get to defend the Word of God on my blog!!!

Geraint said...

Such an excellent post!

I find such INDIFFERENCE to Chavez, even among some Canadian missionary friends in Mexico ... like he's a comic figure, useful to rile Americans at dinner parties.

He exercised his own 'freedom of speech' to call Bush the devil incarnate at the UN recently (I can still smell the sulphur, he announced at the podium).

Now he moves to shut down his own critics?

What a verminous rat.

God bless.