Sunday, November 16, 2008

The whole Prop 8 Thing

I feel it is necessary to go back to the Homosexual issue and consider the Homosexual Marriage question.

I saw a story on Yahoo this morning about different Gays speaking out about the harshness and bigotry of the right that would prevent those of different sexual persuasions from having civil rights.

Here is the problem. CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE IT IS NOT. To discriminate against someone because of their race or gender is a violation of civil rights. Civil rights are rights that are inalienable and exist whether the law accepts them or not. (the rights of the unborn for example). We can even say they are endowed by the creator. The gay rights movement wants to redefine what civil rights are. If they can't do that they will redefine what marriage is. They want to legitimize what they do and how they live because they feel rejected by the norm. They don't want to be outsiders anymore. But instead of changing their behavior and coming inside (the norm) they want to enlarge the inside to include their abnormal behavior.
So they start doing all kinds of mental and logical gymnastics to convince people that they and their activities are normal and should be accepted as such.
They say God made us this way. It is not our fault, we cannot change, just like a white man cannot change his skin color. They say it is in their genetic makeup. There is no medical proof of that theory. but they, like good propagandist of the Hitler era, feel that if they say it enough then the people will believe it is true. Most Homosexuals reject the idea of God and embrace the ideas and philosophy of evolution. But when they say it is genetic, they are saying they are either evolving or mutating. If they are evolving then Darwin's theory "survival of the fittest" says they will be eliminated because of natural selection and the fact that they can't procreate! Notice that it is DARWIN that says this and not CHRISTIANS! If it is a mutation then it is bad and should be rejected.
To give deviant (that which strays from the normal) sexual behavior civil rights is wrong. Then you would have no reason to deny that a Pedophile has the right to molest children and should be accepted in doing it. A rapist or sadomasochist should be given the same rights because he can't help but receive pleasure from brutalizing his victim.
They already have the right in this free society to practice their deviant behavior, but they do not have the right to force us to say their behavior is normal when most do not believe it is. In other words they want to force us to believe that they are right. That we do not have the right to our beliefs. They want to take away my freedom of thought. My freedom to disagree with them. My freedom to believe that pure and good sexual behavior is between a husband and his wife. Just like God ordained it..... male and female created He them.
They can change, by way of knowing the saving grace and love of Christ and His freedom form the bondage of sexual perversion. God will always love them and he wants them to repent, change their ways and seek forgiveness just like each one who is redeemed has done.


Brooke said...

Good post on the whole prop 8 thing!

Elmers Brother said...

to redefine marriage is extremism

Anonymous said...

Just another case of defining civil rights in a uni-sexual manner instead of facing the reality that there are TWO sexes, male and female.

And then redefining "family" in a uni-sexual manner so that we all become universal and interchangeable "cogs" in the government-headed machine and not more limited male-female plugged connectors. ;-)

Z said...

While I believe homosexuality is a sin and CAN be relieved by prayer and hard work with Christian counselors, most of us know it's not a 'choice''s odd that 3 year olds 'act gay' and become gay not infrequently..but, who knows?

You wrote a wonderful piece here, I appreciate your thinking and I hope you read the article on my much-older-than-I gay cousin I'll be putting up later today. He was dignified, never pushed an agenda, etc..was a Christian and of a generation which wasn't offered ways to overcome just wasn't done until recently.

This is one cross most of us should be thrilled we don't have to bear. The pull of sexuality is a strong one...

I'm glad you're posting and look forward to reading more of your blog! (and I'm real fond of Jungle Mom!!)

The Merry Widow said...

And an in your face rejection of G*D and HIS purposes.
Paul says it so well in Romans, they start by worshipping the creation and not the Creator!
Hi, Clint!


Papa Frank said...

Good post. Amazing that people on the left so easily pass over the rights of the unborn while being champions of the rights of any fringe group they can think of a name for.

Yekwana Man said...

Hey Z, I would like to make sure my view point is clear on something. Homesexuality is a sin and a very controlling sin, from what I have heard and read. Just as an addict who is a Christian will have struggles, or and alcoholic who is a Christian will also have struggles to fight the bondage they are under. The bible has the answer but many times the church has failed in it's work of reconciliation to those who seek freedom. We judge and reject instead of lift up and love. That is our sin and in the eyes of God it is no different or less sinful than any Addiction, whether it be liquor, drugs, sex or Porn. It isn't a civil right but it is something the church and individual christians should help to overcome. God Bless