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What does this Christian Believe and Why


I know that got your attention!!!!!
This will have to be a multi-part post and some of it will not be appropriate for Victorian era Prudes. If, however, you have ever wondered about the beautiful gift that God gave to the married couple and how great it can be. Yet see that Satan has stolen and mangled it in this world today in such a way that it is unrecognizable and destructive. You also notice that Christians don't talk about this and you worry that just talking about it could be a sin. Or maybe, you know it isn't a sin to talk about it, but can't get over the hang up that you are embarrased about what your grandmother might think.

This is an article for you.
Just don't tell the old bitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen so many good Christian men and women fall, walk or run into the sin of sexual immorality that my emmbarassement over that shame far outweighs any prudish embarrasment to talk about the most wonderful God given gift to a husband and wife.

Fornication - What is it and Why it is Wrong? part 1
When I was a young teenager I was taken out on the sand dunes of Beaufort County SC by my cousin to shoot some pistols. I had never fired a pistol before. I was 12. My cousin gave me the weapon after a short talk about gun safety and a demonstration. It was a 45 automatic. My cousin told me to be very careful of the kick that the pistol would have once the trigger was pulled. I fired the first shot and the pistol kicked back over my head. I was shocked by how strong the recoil was. I fired two or three more time and I was done. It was too much for me.
In 1980 I was back in Beaufort SC at a small little place called Parris Island. One day we went for what they called Fam-fire exercise. We were to fire a few different weapons , not the M-16, just to get familiar with them. They pulled out the 45 pistol and talked of safety and a short demonstration (I knew all of this) until the instructor said that just the week before a recruit had not listened and when he fired the weapon he didn't control the recoil action with his grip, and after one shot the pistol recoiled in such a way that the barrel of pistol hit his forehead, because his finger was on the trigger and it was an automatic pistol when he pulled the gun away from his face he also pulled the trigger and blew the top of his head off. I decided to really pay attention to what the instructor was saying. I realized that the same thing could have happened to me years before.
Sex has quite a kick. There is nothing like it! But .... uncontrolled, in the wrong hands, at the wrong time, with the wrong person it will destroy you.
We in churches tell our young people that sex before marriage is bad. We had better start telling them about the kick's destructive power or they will get their heads blown off. (That means you also have to talk to them directly, at the right time, about the fact that sex really has an awesome kick, instead of hemming and hawing and turning red and saying Christians don't tallk about these kind of things. Because someone else who doesn't care about them or know themselves about the consequences will talk to them to answer their curiosity)
Well this is long enough for now and I can't cover everything I need to say in one post so it will have to wait until another time. then we will talk about what exactly is fornication, because a vast majority of teens and young adults see the way it has been taught in churches for decades as a great BIG loophole!!!!!!

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