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What this Christian Believes and Why


Fornication - What is it and Why is it wrong - Part 2 (Please read Part 1 first.... that is why we put numbers on the posts!!!!)

I have heard preachers teach many times in church that fornication is sex before you are married. That is a simple definition that is too simple and simply incomplete.

Fornication is translated from the greek word 'porneo' which is also translated as immorality, specifically, any sexual immorality. It includes prostitution for money or lust, and anything within the realm of the 'Porn' industry. A common word used today is pornography which means immoral writings or pictures. Our country is overrun with this wickedness of fornication that used to be only in places such as "the red zone" in Boston and other large cities. Now those things which were once considered immoral are called normal businesses. You can now eat at a Denny's and then walk next door to a strip joint. (That is in Tampa, Fl).

According to the definition before mentioned "fornication = sex before marriage" you can do everything but 'that' and not be sinning. That is where we are wrong in not teaching the whole truth. We are losing our young people in church because we are not teaching the whole truth. A vast majority of High School age children (they are not adults!!!!) think that oral sex is not sex. I guess they are too young to understand that there is a reason that the word 'sex' is in the phrase "oral sex". Everything starting with magazines, internet, necking and petting and making out and friends with privileges is fornication and there is a reason the Bible says the following....

Ephesians 5:3 ¶ But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints;

Now here is the reason it is wrong. God designed each of us, male and female, to be joined to our mate, when we marry, for a life time. That is the plan. That joining takes place during acts of physical and emotional intimacy. What many don't understand is that there is also a spiritual uniting that takes place.

1 Corinthians 6:16 16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

Harlot - any woman indulging in unlawful (meaning not permitted by God; sex outside of marriage) sexual intercourse, whether for gain or for lust:
Young lady, if you think premarital sexual activities will prove your love to him (that is what he is saying right?!) You are only showing what kind of girl you really are.
Young predatory male, you are a liar, it has nothing to do with love and everything to do with your selfish lust. Whoremonger or fornicator is what you are called. These two old words come from the same base word, pornos. Get it? The Bible puts it all in the same pile.

When you join sexually (don't be an idiot....fornication, by definition leads to the sexual joining) with more than that one specific person in faithful monogamous marriage, each successive or previous act weakens the union you will have with your life mate. Those other relations (whether they just be with the eyes of lust, Jesus said it was adultery) or touching or kissing intimately or actual intercourse will water down, weaken or adulterate the future union with your mate. God says "Don't fornicate" because it will destroy many of the blessing and joys that God has for you.

God will forgive sinners, He does. But the consequences of our sin will be carried for the rest of our lives. Those memories of sin with another will never be forgotten and they will always be a blockage in your path to a more perfect union with your mate. You will be throwing away the joy God wants you to have, for pleasures of a few minutes. Just so you know, those times called "pleasures" today will be called scars in the years to come.

This fact will weaken your marriage, because, when you do have problems in the relationship, Satan will bring those past sins to memory. Only Satan will have you think of these relationships as "what if's" "If I had only married that one...." "I had more fun with so and so, they wouldn't be this dificult" Therby you will begin to live in a fantasy world or 'relation' that does not exist, instead of dealing with the difficulties and fixing the relationship we do have.

Pagan societies winked at the sin of fornication. We have joined them as pagans. We cannot.
Don't believe the lie that it doesn't hurt anybody.... it does, but it will be years before you realize it and then it will be too late to stay pure.

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great blog. i agree with your post. so what's d difference with fornication and divorce of which the ratio is 9:10??? majority of the christians needs cleansing i guess...