Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Love This Socialism Stuff!

Another beautiful morning in Venezuela. If you didn't read the news you would think that nothing has changed.

I read in the paper today that due to controls and red tape, the car manufacturers will have problems operating their factories. They are unable to obtain parts. The government won't give them money at the controlled rate of Bs 2150 to the $. If they try to buy $ on the parallel market at Bs 3800 to the $ they are either not allowed to charge more for their products even tho it costs them more or better yet they can be put in jail for operating with the Black Market. Consequences of all of this is that workers who live from paycheck to paycheck will be laid off since there are no parts and the owners have no desire to lose their factories, money or go to Jail.

The Government is now forced into importing more at the controlled exchange rate thus putting more of the 'Pueblo' out on the street without a job. Overseas, however, the government looks good since they help factories in Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and more to sell more goods and keep their people working.

A well known Government slogan is that "Venezuela now belongs to everybody" In Spanish it means 'all Venezuelans' not just those in power. But the joke is that Venezuela now belongs to Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Harlem (think Citgo Gas), etc... The saddest thing is that the crash that is coming, will be real, it will effect all of the people and the poor worst of all. All will be equal....equally poor.

Chavez says that anyone who tries to protect his family from this coming disaster is a criminal, Buying and storing extra goods while they can be bought (meaning found or affordable), selling your products at a fair price at which you make money and provide for your family, or not selling your products if it means you must sell at a loss.

The only way Chavez will be happy is if all depend on him, bow to him, and serve him in his quest for World Wide glory.

What a Beautiful Morning. God Will Always control that. We must always remember that.


Jungle Mom said...

And dont you just love the new propaganda painted on our wall, too, dear? AARRGGGHHH!!!

Rancher said...

Definition of insanity? Doing everything the same and expecting different results. You would think maybe Chavez would look at Iran and see what kind of economy you get when you ignore the free market. At least Chavez is laying these workers off, in Iran you’re expected to continue working while going months and in a few cases over a year without pay. Many workers are striking for back wages. My question is will Venezuela ever have another election for President and if so do the peons still think he is their savior?

Pam said...

Like I said, I just love that Rancher and the questions he asks! Thanks Clint for sharing!

Yekwana Man said...

Actually, the business have to lay the people off. People who work for Govt. quite often will work for up to six months without a paycheck waiting for all this socialism to trickle down

Yekwana Man said...

Cuba still has elections and Iraq had them up to the end of Saddam's regime, along with Iran. They will have more elections but the vast majority of people will vote their belly rather than for freedom.

Rancher said...

Iranian elections are controlled and Cuban elections, well, aren't elections at all. Hard to fill your belly with no job or in the case of Gov. jobs, no pay.

#1 CUBS FAN said...

Good grief what else is he going to do with this country??