Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We Are Moving To Paraguay

It is hard to believe that it is finally time to go. A new life and ministry, new culture and dialect. My schedule has already had additions in Paraguay and I am not even there yet. What will God do and how will we react. A lot of unknowns in our life, but that, for me is part of the adventure. It is a privilege to serve God and be allowed to go to other countries. I pray that I will be worthy in a small way of the trust of the churches that send us and those to whom we will minister.

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Pam said...

Hey I found you through a link on Jayde's blog.

Glad y'all are there and safe. I'm sure you're all atwitter and full of anticipation as you start this new life.
Love you!
(Now pick yourself up off the floor, where you fell due to my kind proclamation of sisterly love)