Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Quiet on the Home Front

I am trying to get used to the Quiet!

At one point Rita and I had 6 kids living at home. (Two were indian children that we had taken in to teach and are now living in Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela.)

Our oldest got married a few years ago and has her own life in Paraguay. Our son was married a month ago and is getting a good start on his life. It is totally cool to see them happy with the mate God brought into their lives and we pray that they will be as happy as my wife and I.

But to add to the quiet, our 18 years old daughter is in Paraguay with her sister until our arrival and our youngest went to Bible camp this week.

It is really quiet her. We will get the two girls back together once we arrive in Paraguay and have them for a while longer, but this week, truly is a glimpse into future.

I love it. It is totally different. I can also see that it is something to prepare for.

I want to make sure that Rita and I will continue on with our life together as it changes and not meddle in the lives of our children or others. What a careful balance to achieve. We want to be active in our children's lives but not meddlesome. (that will be hard cause those are my grandbabies!!)


B Wiens said...

Hello! I read Rita´s blog regularly and found yours through hers. I can relate to what you are writing. It took some time to get used to the quiet for me too!But slowy me and my hubby are starting to enjoy this new chapter in our lives. I hope you have a safe "move" over here and God bless your work here!

Anonymous said...

lol it sounds like u really want to have no more kids at home.
Dad do u want me to leave home now?
18 year old daughter Jewel