Friday, October 26, 2007

The Job I Love that is not a Job, but a Joy

A lot of times you hear of guys that work in a dead end or boring job everyday of their lives. I am so glad that I am not such a man.

In September I made a trip to visit four or five churches in the state of Ohio. While there I saw a friend with whom I had gone to Bible college for a time. met his wife and family and rejoiced to see a friend from 27 years ago, still in the ministry and faithful to God. I had not seen him for 27 years. I get paid for that, it is my job while on furlough to visit new churches and faithful supporting churches. Seeing old friends is merely a fringe benefit.

I then traveled from Cincinnati to Zanesville, Ohio to visit another supporting church in New Concord Ohio. I stayed at the home of a High School buddy, We laughed , remembered discussing evolution with our biology teacher, His wife is his High school sweet heart and they are still faithfully and happily married. I know, because I stayed in their home for a three days and watched them. You can only fake happiness for one meal. It was great to be with them and share all the things that have passed during the years. Dale and Cindy Lewis have been my friends since 1975.

I drove by the RollerRink where I met the girl of my dreams. Her most famous alias is JungleMom! and she is mine!!!!! This is the building in which JM fell at my feet in LOVE!!!!!
Witnesses who were there are Pam and Kim!!!!!!

I also went to Tom's Ice Cream Bowl, opened in the late 40's it hasn't changed a bit. They still make their own ice cream and it is an icon of Zanesville. It was written up in USA Today as one of the top ten Ice cream stops in America. Be warned though before you make a special trip..... it is closed on Mondays!!!!!

I had my High School favorite!!!! Hot Fudge Sundae with extra hot fudge and crushed peanuts!!!
and yes it is even better than it looks!!!!!!!!

While in Zanesville, I played tourist and went to see the World Famous Y bridge!!!!! The only city where someone can tell you to go to the middle of the bridge and turn left and not be telling you to go jump off a bridge!!!! but that is not all!!!!

It seems they like the alphabet bridges in Ohio because I also saw one of the last remaining S bridges on the old national trail or Zane's Trace. It is about 5 minutes from the church in New Concord Ohio

I then traveled to Bucyrus and saw my nieces and nephews for a few days. Debbie had made a Texas sheet cake!!!! Totally awesome!!!!! Played a game of golf with my nephew and totally spanked him too!!!!! Put that pup in his PLACE!!!!!

My final stop in Ohio was Canton Baptist Temple, pastored by a longtime friend, Mike Frazier, His wife, just as a note of interest, is the daughter of the man who pastored the church in which I was saved at the age of 6 in South Carolina. (Small World!). While at CBT I was able to have a meal and spend an evening with Jonathan Reed, a young man who had worked with us for 2 months in the indian village and now had a wife with whom he plans to move to Brazil and begin a work among the indians of the Amazon of Brazil.

All of these things took place in the space of 14 days. God is good. God always brings us back together. He is a father who likes reunions!!!!!!

I wont even bring up what the girls thought of their trip on the Auto Train up the east coast! It was totally cool!!!!

I'll have better pictures next time!!!


Jungle Mom said...

Great memories!

Pam said...

What a cool trip down memory lane! I remember that every time we would drive to Zanesvills to skate, we just HAD to stop over at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl afterwards!

Yes Y'all! Rita literally fell at his feet when they met. (Please remember she was on roller skates!)

I almost missed this post due to the fact you have been so busy and not available to post much. So glad you did this one!!

Jackie said...

I remember when you and I took a train ride together too. It was fun. I also had the pleasure of showing Brian around Zainsville, had Tom's ice crea, saw the skating rink, and almost everyone we met went to high school with you!

Pat said...

What a blessing the Lord had for you---all in your journey of faithfulness!!

Memory Lane is such fun as we age (praise God He removes all but the godly reminisces!!)...

Now Clint, I am sure you were eyeing Rita even before she fell down!!---hmmm......LOL I want to hear the whole story!!

Praying for you all as you are on the road and recommitting to your churches for your Paraguay ministry!!

Give my love to all!!

Ashley said...

AWWW You all seemed to have a GREAT TIME! I am so life seems like watching grass the summer.>.> not too interesting.

OH did you have to show me ice cream? Now I'm going to have to check the fridge. LOL tripped Aunt Rita didn't you? Admit it... :P

CaraqueƱa said...

You posted again! You post as often as I do!

Kimberly said...

Ashley and Alex loved it when we were able to visit family in Ohio last year. It feels strange to be back after being gone so long. They didn't know so many people knew their "Mom". Glad you were able to connect with so many old friends. Boy, the Lind Arena brings back memories!!!

shiduca said...

So I was only with you for one month, but i guess it felt longer for you. I wish I was still in the jungle some days!
keep pressing on for the Lord and try to keep up with the pigme on the trail. ha ha

Rancher said...

Oh wow, contrast that with working as a prison guard! Anyway Happy Birthday Marine.