Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Security, What is it Worth

I just saw that a venezuelan has been speaking in paraguay link here and he speaks of the dangers of sacrificing freedoms for security and the fact that often we loose both.

So I ask myself, is there any true security in this world.... how often we deceive ourselves into thinking that we have security. It brings to mind the bible story of the man who built bigger and newer barns to store his goods. He was secure and content, in need of nothing, God said,"You fool" for this night your soul shall be required of thee. *translation* "your ticket is going to be punched tonight!

In the last few weeks, two different missionary families, on different continents, have lost loved ones, one couple on their way to church. A dear friend from college days had a stroke. From one day to the next, sorry , from one minute to the next everything changed for them. They had no control over the matter.

We talk of planning for the furture and preparing for the future, but we should never make the mistake of finding security in our planning. Plans change, we adapt to different things that come up..ok. but we are never in control, or secure in the things to which we will have to adapt.

I guess what I am trying to say, short and sweet.....If we sacrifice something tangible, time with our family (as an example), so that we can obtain security (an imagined, false security) by working to build a bank account to be "secure" in our future. We are fools in believing that the "security" is real. the security will always be imagined. There are too many things that we cannot control.

Be prepared, yes. Plan, yes. Believe that we are secure because we have done this and that... Foolish. All of the plans and preparations we do are never more than a mere buffer to hold back the consequences of the bad things that might and will happen. Often, they are buffers that hold back opportunities for us to see true security in God's provision for us.

The only security that exists is in God. His salvation, His love. His Son. Now the atheist will say, we christians are foolish for believing in a divine being that cannot be seen and proven....God is a 'maybe' in the atheist mind.

The atheist also must agree that true security doesn't exist. No question..

So who is the fool?....I would say it is the one who chooses to reject the probable (humanly speaking) (God) for the impossible (security in this life).


Jungle Mom said...

Security in the eternal is all that matters. All else is fluff anyway!

CaraqueƱa said...

Another good post!

Jackie said...

I'm glad my dad always took time for his family! :-) Love you!
Who had a stroke???

pink&blackjunglebunny said...


Thanks for taking care of me, dad.
Love you!!