Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Gotta Post

I have decided to post something, admittedly I don't know what to post, but since that doesn't stop most bloggers, why should it stop me.

My wife has shown me a woman blogging about her birth while giving birth, others blog about the laundry, and I have even seen a blog about knives. (the cutting edge for sure!!!)

Jungle Mom is in shock that I am posting at all. She will read it when she regains consciousness.

This morning I got a call from my daughter telling me of my grandaughters excitement to learn that she was going to see "coco" the Ye'kwana term for grandfather. She started singing and yelling coco and Baloo!! Some people have told me that my personality parallels the caracter of Baloo on "The Jungle Book". The last time we were with her in Paraguay we watched Baloo quite a few times. She would sit still and cuddle until the song "Bare Necesities" then we would both stand up and move to the tempo of the music...(not dancing .. we are baptists after all!!!) with Baloo and Mowgli.
So I look forward to watching Baloo with my little LELE and getting down with a little prickly Pawpaw


Jungle Mom said...

So how long before anyone discovers you posted???
very sweet post!

Amber said...

ROTFL. I'm sorry, but this post really made me laugh.

Actually, it wasn't the post entirely. It was the visual off you not dancing! LOL Parallel that with the imagery comparison of you and Baloo....ahhahaahahah it made me laugh a lot. =]

Jackie said...

To answer mom's question: Over a month!

Pam said...

Let's hope Helen doesn't find this post! It certainly took me over a month to realize you posted. I had given up oin you dear Brother In Law! If Rita hadn't told me Friday night about your month old post, then I would have missed out on the sweet visual of you and LeLe watching The Jungle Book. Josh used to watch it daily. He was often called Mowgli by dad, due to his tanned scrawny legs and his climbing all over the furniture.