Friday, December 14, 2007

Jewel - You can see the devious nature in her eyes
Elena - the only reason she isn't into something is that Jewel has her held down
Abbie - She is still not sure what she is gonna do but she will be right behind the other two.

Jayde - giving Elena her first lessons in hacking!!!!!

Girls are one of God's greatest creations. Man of course was made in His image!!!!

I know what the girls are going to say now..... Man is the rough draft and Woman is the final product. yada yada. Merry Christmas!!!!


Ashley said...

Elena and Jewel share the same mischevious look. LOL Abbie's just an innocent by-stander.

Well, yes, you was such a disappointment; He made woman to compensate. ;)

Amber said...

Loved that short post. I really enjoy getting to see pictures of everyone. Plus, your keen sense of sarcasm doesn't hurt, either. ;)

Jackie said...

Man was "good" but God HIMSELF said that woman was "VERY good." Ha!